Big Island Music Magazine would like to hear from you!

Need to get in touch?  Got something to pitch?  Here’s how to do it…

Want to take photos or video?

We are looking for photographers/videographers to capture music events, As long as the photo is of decent quality, we’d like to pair it with a review or interview. This is a volunteer position.

Want to write about music?

We are actively looking for new recruits to help us interview musicians, write concert recaps, and cover the best music found on the Big Island. If you think you’d want to help out, we can’t promise much other than an occasional free ticket or two to get into some of the shows.

Got a show you’re trying to promote?

Want to let us know about your upcoming music event? Email your e-press-kit link, or send us a press release.

Big island Music Magazine is an online publication that covers Hawai’i Island’s music scene. We’re always looking for new music events to cover, and we’d like to hear from you.